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“You need some help bringing those back from the bar?” It’s the polite thing to ask if the next round is three or more drinks. Well, meet Oliver Struempfel, the beer-carrying world record holder who would reply to your question with a hearty German laugh.

The 38-year-old from Abensberg, Bavaria, recently broke his own personal best and set a world record by carrying 27 one-liter beer mugs a distance of 40 meters—giving Germans something to aspire to at Oktoberfest, which is less than two weeks away.

Let’s put his feat in perspective with some math and conversions: Each mug full of beer weighs about 2.3 kilograms. That’s just over five pounds (yes, Germans drink their beer five pounds at a time). Multiply that by 27 mugs. Then change your 40 meters to about 44 yards. What you end up with is one man carrying more than 135 pounds of booze and glassware nearly half a football field. All with only two hands.

If that sounds tough, Struempfel doesn’t disagree with you. The beer-carrying veteran, who works at the traditional Gillamoos beer festival, was quoted as saying, “I have worked here in the beer tent for the past 17 years, so I have had lots of training in carrying the beer mugs.” It’s not just natural ability and experience though. He went on to explain that “you have to support the training by going to the gym, especially in winter when you don’t get much time carrying the beer mugs.”

Yeah, that’s right, he doesn’t carry many mugs in the winter because this isn’t even his full-time gig! According to NBC News, he’s actually a tax inspector. Steady job, able to carry 27 beers… Ladies, meet the man of your dreams.