The plant-based breakfast food competition is heating up.

Credit: Just Egg

Plant-based meat might be grabbing the biggest headlines thanks to the explosive growth of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, but the plant-based movement is about more than just burgers. For instance, yesterday, Baskin-Robbins announced they were adding two new plant-based, non-dairy ice creams and the day before, Dunkin' started serving a Beyond Meat sausage. Now comes word that Tim Hortons has become the first major fast food chain to partner with Just, the plant-based brand known for its faux-egg.

As part of a new test run, select locations of Tim Hortons in Canada will now substitute out regular chicken eggs for vegan Just Egg — made from plant-based ingredients like mung beans — on breakfast sandwiches. “We are always listening to our guests and testing a wide variety of potential products in select restaurants across the country,” Tim Hortons spokeswoman Jane Almeida said, according to CNBC. “As you know, we recently introduced our Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches and Beyond Burger. As we continue to test and get feedback, we will consider expanding plant-based options into other menu items.”

Though demand for plant-based egg hasn’t been as overwhelming as the current plant-based meat boom (likely in part because though vegans won’t consume eggs, many vegetarians will), Just has seen significant growth since its retail launch last fall. Just says the liquid egg market is up 34 percent, and the company has moved the equivalent of 8.2 million chicken eggs in recent months.

Teaming up with a big name like Tim Hortons can certainly facilitate further growth. “The consumer demand for 100-percent plant-based proteins is strong and continues to grow,” Andrew Noyes, Just’s head of global communications, told me via email. “Canada is one of the most requested markets for Just and we’re excited to be able to offer our product at select Tim Hortons locations for this market test.” The brand says they are hoping to add more fast food chains to their repertoire in the future.