Palatable Posies
There's a new way to send flowers across the border: with petal-strewn jellies from Arôme Fleurs et Fruits of Quebec. Try the rose jelly or the violets with lavender on a croissant ($6 for 6 ounces; 877-349-3282).

Revitalizing drinks are trendy. Après Reviving Juice boasts guarana extract, noted for its energizing properties. The Elixir Tonics & Teas Bar in Los Angeles serves up Mind over Muddle, a ginkgo biloba potion for the dazed and confused. And mixing your own tonics, such as apple tea to reduce fevers, is easy with Wise Concoctions (Chronicle) by Bonnie Trust Dahan.

Etched in Marble
Carpeting the kitchen doesn't seem so impractical with Artistic Tile's Akros Collection. Once the marble squares are down, they look like an antique rug (from $13 to $156 per tile, depending on size; 212-727-9331).

Comfort Zone
The newest hot teas come from Penelope Sach of Australia. Her tasty blends of native herbs are now available at Dean & DeLuca ($35 for 2 1/2 ounces; 800-999-0306).

Stop and Shop and Exfoliate
Healthy living is the goal at Nature's Northwest. And at its recently opened lifestyle shop in Lake Oswego, Oregon--a prototype for branches to come--you can pick up a pasta salad, get a facial and catch a lecture on protecting the environment while your children attend the store's culinary college for kids (503-635-8950).