In case it wasn't clear: #SheReady.

Girls Trip may have been unfairly boxed out of the Academy Awards, but at least Tiffany Haddish is receiving a different kind of recognition that, we feel, is just as presitigious as an Oscar.

On Friday morning, the comedian posted a photo to her Instagram of her name and face on a Lawry's Seasoned Salt container. It's pretty beautiful, and now we realize the one thing we've been missing our whole lives is Tiffany Haddish salt to season our food.

While it's unclear whether Tiffany Haddish salt will ever make it to retail, we strongly urge Lawry's to roll these out nationwide.

Haddish has somewhat of a history with the brand. In April, Haddish cooked her "joyful greens" on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, alongside her icon, Oprah Winfrey; the actress says she had previously made the dish for one of Taylor Swift's potluck dinner parties. Naturally, Lawry's Seasoning is a key component.

“The key to making joyful greens is to be joyful, you gotta smile when you pick them,” she said on the show, making our hearts melt. “You gotta be happy when you cooking them, washing them—all that.”

Haddish isn't the first celebrity to get hooked up after professing her love for a food item. When Michael B. Jordan gushed about Martinelli's apple juice on his Instagram story, they sent him a whole box full of the apple juice (though they didn't put his face on the label.) Earlier this year, Chrissy Teigen got Panera to rename the broccoli cheddar soup, one of her favorites, to "Delicious Cream Times Soup," which they then sent to her house. The dream.

At the Oscars this year, Issa Rae told Ryan Seacrest that she wants nothing more to host a dinner party with Haddish and the Obama family, so hopefully Haddish brings her new salt to the gathering (and that we get an invite. Please?)

“Tiffany’s got the chicken batter ready I got the drinks so Michelle and Barack, any day now. Sasha and Malia they can come too [when] they’re of age.”