But you'll have to wait nearly a year to try it. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated May 23, 2017
Courtesy of Tic Tac

Somewhere between a candy and mint, Tic Tacs have been a much-beloved treat since their invention in 1969, perhaps hitting peak social relevance in the late aughts during their star turn in the Oscar-winning film Juno. One of those plastic containers always seemed to be buried at the bottom of your mom’s purse. The cute, compact box could fit right in your pocket, and its tiny dispenser made it easy to pour four of five into your mouth at once. It’s common knowledge that orange is the best flavor (I dare you to disagree).

Since then, they’ve always remained the same, reliable candy. But today, Tic Tacs announced that the iconic mints are getting an upgrade. In January 2018, three flavors – Freshmint, Spearmint, Cool Watermelon (no orange yet) – of sugar-free Tic Tac Gum will be released.

Yes, instead of that familiar crack against your teeth as you chew on a handful of Tic Tacs at a time, this version will melt into a chewy piece of gum.

To announce the future launch of the gum, Tic Tacs created a video in collaboration with “domino artists” (who even knew that was a real job?) to create a Rube Goldberg-machine out of the tiny candies.

This will just have to tide you over until next year – unless you’re visting Italy, where two flavors have already been released, where, by the way, there are also Tic Tacs printed with characters from The Simpsons.