And one lucky winner will have the chance to claim them starting this Sunday.
Tic Tac Cufflinks
Credit: Courtesy of Tic Tac USA

In this fast-paced, social media world, food brands are always trying to grab our attention with buzzworthy new promotional products. These items are always meant to be crazy — but sometimes they are so crazy they’re funny, sometimes they’re so crazy they’re just dumb, and occasionally, they’re so crazy they’re actually kind of brilliant. Maybe I’ve gone crazy, but I’m going to put this latest concept from Tic Tac in that final genius category: Tic Tac holding cufflinks.

Yes, Tic Tac has created a single pair of “luxury cufflinks,” polished in white gold and “handcrafted in NYC.” Both links contain a small capsule that perfectly holds two Tic Tac mints (that’s four Tic Tacs in total — or under eight calories’ worth), and here’s the killer app, these Tic Tacs are removable and interchangeable, allowing whoever is wearing them to switch the color as they see fit or actually consume them if they are in a pinch. Launched in the lead up to Father’s Day, Tic Tac suggests that these cufflinks can “keep dad’s style just as fresh as his breath all day long.”

As is often the case with this kind of limited-edition promotional stuff, you can’t just go out and buy this awesome luxury accessory. Instead, if you want to claim the single pair, you’ll have to try to win them. To enter, Tic Tac says you’ll have to head over to the brand’s Instagram page starting this Sunday where you’ll be able to find a Tic Tac Cufflink GIF. From there, the brand explains, “Creatively pose with the GIF in your Instagram Stories and tag @TicTacUSA or @TicTacCanada to be entered for the chance to win.” That’s apparently it. Though there’s probably some official rules posted somewhere online, Tic Tac themselves say the whole thing is “super easy.”

Of course, the one problem is that Father’s Day is this Sunday. So you won’t actually know if you’ve won the cufflinks in time to give them to dear ol’ dad as a gift. And whatever you do, don’t promise dad you’ve got him Tic Tac cufflinks that you haven’t already won. That’ll upset him more than your lackluster performance in Little League.