Revisiting the hilarious web series about a much younger version of the famously brash T.V. chef.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated August 31, 2017
little gordon throw back thursday
Credit: FOX / Getty Images

This Throwback Thursday, let's all take a moment to remember "Little Gordon," the web series that found comic genius in combining the adorable-ness of children with the foul mouth of one Mr. Gordon Ramsay. Sure, in his older years Ramsay has softened a bit, even taking the time to give voice to a Smurf. But on-camera, he's such a world-champion swearer (save for, perhaps, Kevin Spacey), that he even taught a class on how to insult food. That's why a YouTube series imagining Gordon Ramsay as a small, adorable child, is so funny and unsettling.

In the first installment of Little Gordon, uploaded in July of 2008, we got to see him curse out his mother for packing him a substandard school lunch. In the second video, he cursed out the manager of a restaurant where his parents were celebrating their anniversary.

In the third and final chapter, he informed the school cafeteria server that his hot dog "tastes like hydrogenated dog sh*t." It's especially cute to watch the outtakes when you remember that the actor playing Little Gordon is just that: an actor, and thereby an actual little boy saying all these horrible things. The video series was part of an advertising campaign for, a U.K.-based recruitment site for jobs in hospitality.

Ramsay himself loved the videos so much that, when he was first sent the link, he called to his son, "Look, come and see daddy when he was eight." Months after the ads ran, Little Gordon actor Felix Light appeared on the actual Hell's Kitchen.

Light was nine years old at the time. He got the chance to insult the show's contestants, calling them "all a bunch of donkeys." He even told one of them, who could only cook with one arm, "Bloody hell, if you were a horse I would have shot you by now!" If Ramsay ever decides to retire, maybe Light could pick up where the chef leaves off. With swearing skills that refined, people may not even notice.