Mrs. West is a divisive figure, and so are her least favorite foods. 
Kim Kardashian breakfast
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor / Getty Images

Admit it: You’re curious about what Kim Kardashian eats. Although she’s built an impressive business empire that includes a line of children’s clothes, cosmetics, and her very own mobile game, she’s also famous for cutting an impressive figure in her signature outfits. Hey, she looks good. If you’re a fan of her show—which has been running for 14 seasons now—you know a big part of her diet is salads, and we know what Kardashian eats for breakfast, too. But there are a few foods she tries to stay away from, as she revealed in the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which aired last night.

In one particular scene, Kim and mom Kris are sitting down to eat—what else—salads, when Kim spills the beans on what foods gross her out, according to Refinery29.

“These are the things I hate in life: mustard, cilantro, and blue cheese,” she says.

Kris seems taken aback by her daughter’s assertion, asking “Who hates blue cheese?" and then answers before Kim gets a chance to defend herself, "Nobody.”

Can any of us really disagree that these foods are polarizing, though? For some people, cilantro tastes like soap. Blue cheese has an, shall we say, acquired smell, and is moldy and therefore repellent to some people. As for mustard, sure it’s a classic condiment, but without hot dogs or burgers, you’d probably avoid it, too (unless you are Seth Meyers, of course). So actually, Kris is wrong—lots of people don’t like blue cheese. This is not a personal failing of Kim’s alone.

This news doesn’t mean Kim doesn’t appreciate a fancy cheese plate or even greasy fast food. She didn’t give away too much else about her eating habits aside from listing those three no-go foods, but I can’t really picture her stopping by the McDonald’s drive-thru to pick up a Big Mac. But who am I to judge? Everyone has foods they dislike (I don’t touch dark chocolate, for instance).

And look at the bright side: Even if you’re one of those people who would defend any of these three foods to the death, at least Kim is open about her food preferences. Hopefully next time she’ll reveal whether or not she’s getting sick of salad.