Vincent Guerithault on Camelback

Vincent Guerithault's classical French training taught him plenty about the joys of butter and cream but not much about low-fat cooking. Fortunately, today, at Vincent Guerithault on Camelback in Phoenix, his taste for grilling and for the pungent spices and chiles popular in the Southwest allows him to create dishes that don't need béchamel sauce to be delicious.

Wine recommendation: The taco towers are compatible with a number of whites, but the chicken narrows the choice to one with broad flavors that can pull together the chicken, garlic and chutney. Chardonnay has the richness and depth to play such a role. California examples, like the 1994 Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve or the 1993 Robert Mondavi Carneros, would fit the bill perfectly.

Each serving of this menu contains less than 21 grams of fat (32 percent of the recommended daily allowance).