This exclusive clip is just the beginning of Keller's just-released MasterClass series.

Those who enjoy watching and learning about expertly prepared delicious food filmed with top-notch production value may have spent a recent weekend with David Chang's Ugly Delicious. But as of March 8, your next series to study may be slightly more academic. Because, at long last, the 36-lesson MasterClass course from Thomas Keller is here.

As the only American-born chef to hold multiple three Michelin star ratings, the man behind The French Laundry and Per Se has quite a bit to offer over the course of the course, entitled "Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques." Along with a deep look into his philosophy on culinary excellence (which he believes comes from mastering the fundamentals of cooking), the series will teach those very techniques, including how to select and handle kitchen tools, how to preserve ingredients, and, of course, how to prepare them. Ingredients that include eggs, vegetables, and, in this exclusive preview, pasta.

Keller's Spaghetti alla Chitarra is just a part of what Keller calls "our playful day with pasta," but involves a device called a chitarra, a wooden box invented in the 1890s that uses nylon strings to slice a sheet of pasta into noodles. He walks through the process in sumptuous detail, while also explaining the difference between the making of extruded boxed spaghetti, and the handmade egg pasta he's teaching you to make.

Like all MasterClass courses, Keller's is available for $90, or alongside every other MasterClass with the purchase of a $180 all-access pass. Which means you'd also get Gordon Ramsay's almost shockingly calming demonstrations, Wolfgang Puck's fear-eliminating teaching sessions and soon, Alice Water's demystifying education alongside all the other, non-cooking related MasterClasses filling the internet's halls.