This time he's teaching meats, stocks, and sauces. 
Thomas Keller MasterClass
Credit: MasterClass

Earlier this year, Thomas Keller launched a MasterClass series covering basic cooking techniques. The chef believes that culinary excellence comes from mastering the fundamentals, and the lessons took a deep dive into essential skills like selecting and handling kitchen tools and preserving ingredients. But, as the only American-born chef to hold multiple three Michelin star ratings, the man behind The French Laundry and Per Se has a lot of tips and tricks to share. So many that the initial 36 episodes couldn't quite cover it, which is why Keller is offering a second course, starting today.

“My hope for my second class is that students gain the skills, knowledge, and most importantly, the confidence to become the cook that they want to be,” Keller said in a statement. “In this class, I share a wide range of techniques to cook meat dishes and detail how to make stocks and sauces to round out each dish.” Judging by the teaser above, the lessons have a laid-back, almost meditative vibe, with the chef assuring viewers, "if you make a mistake it's OK," and repeating his mantra, "patience, patience, patience."

Those who sign up for the video tutorials can expect a crash course in selecting the best grades and cuts of meat for different dishes, cooking all kinds of proteins without relying on recipes, and building complete meals for the holidays (or any special occasion, really). Keller also plans to give detailed demos on some of his signature dishes, like fried chicken and pan-roasted Côte de Boeuf (which he explains how to truss and salt in the clip above).

Like all MasterClass courses, Keller's is available for $90, or alongside every other MasterClass with the purchase of a $180 all-access pass. Which means you'd also be able to check out Alice Waters' tutorials on how to use spices and herbs, Gordon Ramsay's knife skills demos, and Wolfgang Puck's pan-searing primers.