The star chef, filming an upcoming travel TV show with Everybody Loves Raymond producer Phil Rosenthal, picks his new favorite spots.

By Kate Krader
Updated March 31, 2015

Bistrot Bruno Loubet

Keller wasn’t hungry when he went to this French bistro. “And then I ate everything. A beautiful French vegetable soup, garbure and braised hare.”


Chef James Knappett met his wife, Sandia Chang, at Keller’s Per Se in Manhattan, then moved to London. “Sandia wanted to do hot dogs; James is committed to fine dining. They split the place in half,” says Keller, who tasted 12 dogs (including the Per Se-inspired truffled BLT), then ate 15 courses at Knappett’s Kitchen Table.


“We bellied up to the bar and they just sent out plates,” says Keller of this high-energy tapas spot. “The prawns were simple, a la plancha. But it was one of the most compelling prawn dishes I’ve ever had. I pulled off the tail and extracted all the lingering flavor from the head.”


Mark Hix’s newest restaurant specializes in chicken and steak, but Keller was obsessed with the converted Citroën food truck out front, where Hix serves fish dogs: a bun topped with a fish stick, mushy peas and tartar sauce.