The Spéciale brings the blade and board together like never before.

By Max Bonem
Updated June 12, 2017

When it comes to kitchen tools, some utensils are more exciting than others. One item in particular, though, that is often overlooked is the cutting board, that simple wooden or plastic surface (but seriously, always use wood when you can) where some of the most pivotal work for any meal gets completed. However, one company is looking to reenergize the world of cutting boards with the Spéciale, their new take on a cutting board that includes a built-in 17” knife. And they're taking that "pivotal" part seriously by attaching the tip of the blade to the board itself.

speciale cutting board
Credit: Courtesy of Spéciale

The Spéciale's blade is made of Damascus steel, a metal variety that was first used for sword production due to its ability to keep an extremely sharp and dull-resistant edge, and also includes a rosewood handle. The Spéciale board is made of walnut and measures 18.7” in length and 17" wide. However, what makes this tool especially interesting is that the knife can rotate to different positions around the triangular board. This allows the home cook to break down entire fruits, vegetables or larger cuts of meat without having to shift the food’s actual position.

speciale knife
Credit: Courtesy of Spéciale

Besides convenience though, the Spéciale also helps improve the aesthetic quality of your food. The fixed blade ensures that regardless of your experience level, the chopping remains in a consistent north-south motion, which means your food will always come out in a uniform size and shape. Lastly, the blade itself is detachable, which makes it especially easy to clean and to use on even larger foods that require an additional surface.

The Spéciale was backed via a couple of popular crowdfunding sites including Kickstarter, and is currently available for pre-order on IndieGoGo for $195. The price includes one cutting board and knife, along with a hook for hanging the knife, a flexible mat and knife cleaning cloth and a leather knife case.

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