Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Hartley star in this hilarious clip.
Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC & andreygonchar/Getty Images

While television is filled with all sorts of dramas, some mysterious, some suspenseful, and some even kind of funny, occasionally it’s cathartic to sit down, snuggle up, and buckle down for a good cry. Thankfully, we have series like NBC’s This Is Us delivering the emotional family drama that causes us to bust out a box of tissues while investing ourselves in the interwoven lives of Randall, Kevin, Kate, and their parents. But whether or not This Is Us regularly brings you to tears, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t think these heartstring-tugging shows are going far enough to really let our waterworks flow.

Instead, Ellen has developed her own TV series, she says, that’s designed to be as tear-filled as possible by mashing up the show that makes some people cry with the vegetable that makes almost everyone cry. With that, Ellen took a moment out of her daytime show to debut her new primetime drama This Is Onions.

Starring Ellen herself as well as This Is Us star Justin Hartley, the series bills itself succinctly as “A brand new show where everyone is constantly chopping onions.” Take a look at the trailer for the (sadly not real) show that promises “The most crying on TV. The most onions on TV.”

Just like This Is Us, the show apparently spans different decades in the lives of its constantly sobbing characters. And just like This Is Us there’s a reference to a slow cooker being left on too long. Of course, in this series, none of the drama is actually all that tragic (unlike the events that unfolded in This Is Us that caused the maker of Crock Pots to come out with a statement about their safety). No, in the case of This Is Onions, all of the tears are just caused by the dang onions.

This Is Onions is, unfortunately, not coming this fall on NBC.