Bush's layered ten 7-layer bean dips on top of each other to create this monster Super Bowl staple.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 24, 2020

Since securing their Super Bowl spots on Sunday, coaches Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs and Kyle Shanahan of the San Francisco 49ers are probably consumed with two intense weeks of strategizing. Meanwhile, advertisers have had a whole year to prepare, meaning they’ve had time to think big… like record-breaking 70-layer bean dip big!

Bush's World Record Bean Dip
Credit: Courtesy of Bush's

In the lead up to the big game, the bean experts at Bush’s decided to go world-record large on a Super Bowl party staple: Taking inspiration from your typical 7-layer dip, the brand unleashed something ten-times more intense. The resulting 70-layer bean dip weighed in at 1,087 pounds (over half a ton!), claiming the Guinness World Record for “largest layer dip” in the process. Bush’s says it doubled the old record: a 540-pound dip created by Seven Bucks Digital Studios, which was co-founded by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. (Of course!)

Bush's World Record Bean Dip
Credit: Courtesy of Bush's

“We know the classic 7-layer dip, made with Bush’s Beans, is a fan-favorite for game day snacking celebrations,” Consumer Experience Manager Kate Rafferty explained. “Every year at this time we see an increase in searches for recipes, so this year we wanted to put a real twist on the traditional dip and do something fun for our fans while also showcasing the versatility of Bush’s Beans through a wide range of recipes included in the 70-layer bean dip.”

Along those lines, this 70-layer dip is actually made from ten different 7-layers dips layered on top of one another. (Math test flashbacks!) The finished product features 91 pounds of veggie dip, 145 pounds of Cuban dip, 118 pounds of Caprese dip, 106 pounds of loaded baked potato dip, 100 pounds of Buffalo dip, 98 pounds of Mediterranean dip, 126 pounds of fiesta dip, 119 pounds of spicy dip, 89 pounds of barbecue dip, and, yes, 95 pounds of classic dip. Bush’s says the whole project took 19 people 227 total individual hours to build. (Speaking of building dips, you can find Bush's 7-layer dip recipe here.)

The final creation was certified by Guinness World Records in Chicago on January 17. Then, the dip was then given away. “To see all ten of our unique 7-layer bean dip recipes come together in one dish and double the previous Guinness World Record was incredible,” Rafferty added. “The completed 70-layer bean dip turned out better than we could have imagined and we were thrilled that the record-breaking bean dip was donated to a local charitable organization for all to enjoy.”

I hope someone also donated some chips!