Look out for the coconut, fortune cookie, pretzel, and dumpling emojis.
new emojis
Credit: © Miguel Medina / Getty Images

There are currently 1,851 emojis available to convey your emotions without the use of words. A measly 62 of them are food-related. Sure, we have a taco now, an intricately detailed pot of paella, a chocolate doughnut covered in rainbow sprinkles, and two strips of bacon. But we need more.

Back in May, we predicted that there would be new food emojis coming to our phones, and it looks like we were right.

The Unicode Consortium, which creates these emojis, seems to understand your need for tiny cartoon foods that you can text your friends, and is here to remedy their lack of options: This year they’ll be releasing 56 new emojis, and blessedly, there will be 13 additions to the food catalogue.

This video gives a run down of all the new food emojis, but you’ll be happy know we’re getting a soda cup, take out box, and crucially, a pie, a coconut, an (adorable) dumpling, and a fortune cookie, among others. On trend with all the mermaid food floating around lately, they're also adding a Merperson to their non-food line up.

The emojis will come to Apple iOS later this year, but there's no word on what exact part of the year the update will happen.

Food emojis are still seriously lacking though: We still don’t have iced coffee, cupcake, kale, avocado toast, or even a glass of white wine emoji!

And while we love these cute little food designs, they might actually serve a practical purpose: Last year, a study found that using emojis (not just those that are food related) might actually help young children fight obesity. They're also handy for communicating food allergies in situations where language or other barriers exist.

Hopefully, they’ll keep rolling out updates (maybe even some that are more food-centric), and answer our prayers for an entire grocery store of emoji options. If we’re lucky, perhaps someday we’ll be able to express all our messages, thoughts, and emotions, with pictures of food.

After all, emojis are already in our museums, you can keep a journal on your phone using just emojis, and this company will deliver food to you based on emojis.

We're just glad to hear our text messages will keep getting more and more delicious.