No, it's not an alternative Ratatouille plot. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated May 24, 2017
Rats blamed for disappearing alcohol
Credit: Inga Kjer / Contributor / Getty Images 

Clever rodents or an elaborate cover up? Police in the Indian state of Bihar are claiming that rats broke into police evidence rooms containing 900,000 liters of seized liquor and drank it all.

Bihar banned the sale and consumption of alcohol last year, a measure officials said was aimed at reducing domestic violence, harassment and poverty. Since then, police have been hunting down and confiscating any alcohol left over since the law went into effect. They also arrested around 40,000 people who tried to hide their alcohol stash from the authorities. The rules regarding alcohol consumption are extremely strict: Anyone who found either selling or drinking liquor could face up to ten years in jail.

Now, the stocks of alcohol kept by police as evidence have mysteriously disappeared. The police chief of Patna, the capital city of Bihar, has revealed that police inspectors claimed that rodents are responsible for the disappearance of the alcohol. How could they have accomplished such a feat? By nibbling through the caps, apparently. However, the BBC reports that many police officers rented private storage facilities for the booze, meaning they had ample opportunity to spirit some of it away for themselves.

Since the tale of these enterprising, alcoholic rodents isn’t exactly believable, many of the police stations in the Bihar have been ordered to audit their liquor supply to make sure nothing else goes missing, and in accordance with the state’s new laws, the officers will be tested for alcohol use.

But who knows. Maybe there’s some truth to this tale. After all, Syrian hamsters are well know for their ability to “hold their drink.”