Credit: © Natika / Alamy

If you like granola bars, but lament their inability to explode in your mouth, a new product patent may provide the pop you’ve been looking for.

PepsiCo, parent company of granola bar maker Quaker Oats, has filed for a patent for an item described as “a combination of dry granola, binder and a carbonated candy.” For those who are not candy experts, “carbonated candy” is often referred to by its brand name: Pop Rocks. (Pop Rocks is not owned by PepsiCo, so it is unlikely the term Pop Rocks would actually be used for these granola bars.)

According to Food Navigator, the patent application was just published in September, but was actually submitted in March 2013, so who knows how far along these explode-in-your-mouth kinda–health food bars may be in the development process. It should be pointed out that all sorts of patents get filed for product ideas that never make it to shelves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream, damn it!

So whether this patent actually reveals that Pop Rocks–filled granola bars are the future of snacking is yet to be seen. What has been revealed is the vast underutilization of carbonated candy in our foodstuffs! Are we as a society not ready to have all foods make our mouths feel fizzy?! What about carbonated cookies? Carbonated guacamole? Hell, I’d be even eat some carbonated penne marinara!