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Chefs and restaurateurs take to social media in support of today’s general strike.

Morgan Goldberg
Updated May 24, 2017

Businesses across the country are closed in solidarity with the "A Day Without Immigrants" protest today. The restaurant industry—which is saturated with immigrant talent from around the world—is taking its stand, too. Here are a selection of social media posts from the many restaurants announcing that they support their staff and are closing up shop today to honor America's immigrants and their impactful contribution to the industry.

New York

Blue Ribbon Restaurants

"We have made the decision to close the majority of our restaurants in NYC (Blue Ribbon Brasserie, Brooklyn, Sushi, Sushi Bar & Grill, Sushi Izakaya, Hi-Bar, and Downing Street Bar) tomorrow, 2/16 in solidarity with the #ADayWithoutImmigrants protests. We stand 100% behind our employees – whether they are immigrants or born in America, back of house or front of house. When employees who haven’t missed a day of work in nearly 25 years come to you and ask for a day off to march against injustice, the answer is easy. #ImmigrantsFeedAmerica @chefjoseandres"

Frankie's 457 Spuntino and Prime Meats

"CLOSED TOMORROW. On February 16, Frankies 457 Spuntino and Prime Meats will be closed. We apologize for any inconvenience but we are standing in solidarity with our hardworking employees, who are the backbone of our businesses. #DayWithoutImmigrants"

Miss Lily's

"Is true! We putting di lovin' on pause in solidarity with #ADayWithoutImmigrants. The Miss Lily's brand was born out of cultural appreciation and we will always choose to support our team and customers rights. Tomorrow we makin' di stand for what we believe in. #OneLove #GetUpStandUp #GoodVibesOnly #MissLilys"


"Rosie's will be closed for lunch today in support of A Day Without Immigrants. None of our restaurants would exist without them. #march #support #honor"

Employee's Only

"We'll be closed this evening, the 16th of February.. in support of our Family.."

Los Angeles

Farida, Bowery, Bowery Bungalow, Delancey, Twin Sliders, Mission Cantina and Tamarind Ave. Deli

"Closing all my restaurants tomorrow in #solidarity @boweryst thank you @chefjoseandres"

Upper West

"#daywithoutimmigrants #supporting @LAmag @LAMagFood @LAWeekly @eaterla @latimesfood"

Hatchet Hall

"Hatchet Hall will be closed tomorrow, Feb 16th, in order to support and stand in solidarity with our team of dedicated and talented employees."


Anna's Taqueria

"Anna's Taqueria is closed today in recognition of the "Day Without Immigrants." Anna's success has been build around our loyal staff, many of whom are immigrants or come from immigrant families. We suppose our employees and value what they have brought to our Anna's community the past 20 years."

Shojo and BLR by Shojo

"Shojo and BLR by Shojo will be closed tomorrow, February 16th, to participate in the Day Without Immigrants Strike. We are choosing to participate in solidarity with all immigrants as a reflection of our resolute belief in diversity."

Washington D.C.

Jaleo, Zaytina and Oyamel

"In support of our people & #ADayWithoutImmigrants Thurs 2/16 we will not open @jaleo DC CC MD, @zaytinya or @oyameldc #ImmigrantsFeedAmerica"

Busboys and Poets

"Our founder @andyshallal is an immigrant in solidarity #ADayWithoutImmigrants. We will be closed on Thurs. Immigrants make America great!"

Bad Saint

"In response to the "A Day Without Immigrants” strike, Bad Saint will be closed on Thursday, February 16. This restaurant would not exist without immigrants - our colleagues, friends and families.  Their industry, generosity, and intrepid spirit are the backbone of this country."


Home Slice Pizza

"Home Slice Pizza is willingly closed today. We will reopen tomorrow at 11am. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience."

Kyoten Sushiko

"I will always have tremendous love for all my mentors. And while I often speak of familiar names like Tyson Cole and Tatsu Aikawa, there have been many “Pablo’s” along the way that have also played an equal role in my development as a sushi chef. If it were not for the kindness of these mentors, I would not have the skills to run a sushi restaurant of this exceptional caliber. The Mexican American community has always played a big role in Austin’s hospitality industry, from your neighborhood taco trailer to one of Austin’s best sushi restaurants. My heart is with them during this time of increased fear and panic among a community that has been very good to me. -Otto Phan"


Frontera Grill, Topolobampo, Xoco and Fonda Frontera

"Out of respect for r staff's vote to support Thurs's immigrant civil action, we r closing Frontera Grill, Topolobampo,Xoco & Fonda Frontera"


"In solidarity with the many immigrants who've come to America searching for a better life, and opportunity, Acadia will be closed Thursday February 16th. The subject of immigration remains close to my heart as a Saigon born immigrant who came on a green card to America, and was given an amazing opportunity for not only a good life, but a chance at a great career. I'll always feel blessed to even be here! I'll always push, and respect the opportunity I was given, and push to the fullest! I feel anything less would not only be a disrespect to myself, but to the millions of people who would die for the chance to be in this great country! #adaywithoutimigrants #nowall #dumptrump"

Piece Brewery and Pizzeria

"We support our staff and all immigrants, and stand with them in this fight. We will be paying our staff as they take tomorrow in demonstration. #ADayWithoutImmigrants"

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