Beyond Meat
Credit: © Beyond Meat

Vegetarian meat that actually has the taste and mouthfeel of real meat is pretty much the holy grail of the vegetarian food world. It’s ironic, being that going vegetarian is all about giving up meat, but the hope is that fake meat can circumvent all the health, environmental, ethical and even religious reasons that led people to go vegetarian in the first place. The problem is that, although plenty of decent tasting meat substitutes are on the market, most of them are far from being exact replications, especially when it comes to beef.

Since 2009, the brand Beyond Meat has set out to change that, working towards completely plant-based meat substitutes that actually eat like the meats they are meant to replace. Just how well their products actually achieve that goal is up to individual tastes, but the excitement surrounding them is undeniable. On Monday, the company launched their latest product, the Beyond Burger, billed as their best burger replacement yet, not only based on its appearance and taste but also because it “bleeds” beet juice. The faux burgers are being sold at a single Whole Foods in Boulder, Colorado, and reportedly were gone after just one hour.

Unfortunately, for those interested in trying the latest in fake burger technology, getting your hands on a Beyond Burger isn’t easy – and not just because they’ve sold out. For now, Beyond Meat will old be selling them in Boulder, followed by Denver and Washington, DC soon, with a larger rollout happening over the summer. It means at least for Memorial Day barbecues vegetarians will have to stick to the status quo: doubling up on potato salad.