By Clara Olshansky
Updated February 05, 2016
Credit: © Giorgio Cravero

Giorgio Cravero's Color Series is beautiful, creepy, and just might change the way you look at produce forever. The series is comprised of six photos of fruits and vegetables floating in mid-air with their colors dripping away from them like paint. These photographs won the Hasselblad Masters award for product photography, and no wonder they did. They're as gorgeous as they are disturbing.

Cravero, who owns Studio Blu, a still life photo studio that specializes in food and drink, explains that the top of the fruits and vegetables hold "the color of life", while the dripping away of color represents how nature is slipping away from us.

In the summer of 2015, he released PIXFOOD, a collection of photographs of perfectly square piles of food that will delight your inner neat freak. From square fried eggs to wonderfully symmetrical arrangements of bowtie pasta to perfectly color-coordinated citrus rinds, you'll be amazed at just how satisfying a square can be to look at.

For more, check out Cravero's work on Behance and follow him on Facebook.