These melon carvings are ridiculously gorgeous.

By Clara Olshansky
May 26, 2017

These melon carvings are ridiculously gorgeous. They're the kind of sculptures that you could look at for ages on their own, without knowing what they're made of, and they'd still be super impressive. The fact that they're completely edible and made from something as unwieldy as melon just takes them from "these are awesome." to "it's hard to believe that a human made this with his own hands in real life."

The sculptures are created by Thai Instagram artist @krasinthusith. Not much about him is known to the internet, but his work speaks for itself. His works include gorgeous sculptures of dragons that will take you to another world, flowers that look so delicate that you'd be afraid to breathe on them, and more.

Some of his works are figurative, showing things like animals or plants. Others are purely abstract. Sometimes his sculptures are single, discrete pieces, like this squash-carved decorative bowl. Other times, they're entire scenes made from a variety of materials, like this gorgeous fish-, coral-, and, oddly enough, elephant-filled seascape.

He's sculpted adorable crabs out of pickled ginger. He's turned watermelon into a field of blooming flowers. He's made stunningly ornate bowls out of coconuts. One of his most mesmerizing sculptures is this melon-carved figure of a young, magical girl emerging from a leafy, flowery pod. That's some Narnia-level fantasy right there.

If you like these ornate fruit carvings, you may also like the work of Japanese artist Gaku. Both artists use traditional decorative arts to inspire their carvings, and both have carved some pretty awesome dragons.