By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated March 15, 2016
Credit: Photo Composite: © Quynh Anh Nguyen/Geber86/Getty Images

One of the best ways to make a splash in the overcrowded food scene is to have a hook, whether it's rainbow bagels, cocktails served with jewelry or a 24-karat gold doughnut. Of course, we also know that sex sells, hence Hooters is still is a thing. One noodle shop in Thailand is taking a cue from these successful stunts and has found a way to get hungry customers' mouths watering: hunks. We're not talking hunks of chicken or seafood. We're talking muscly, shirtless dudes slinging noodles.

Jad Noodles is located in the area surrounding Rangsit University in the city of Pathum Thani, and people have been flocking to the humble stall to order up some spicy noodles and catch a glimpse of its beefy employees. Owner Kritsada Saekwang has studs on staff serving Tom Yum and other dishes from 6 p.m to 11 p.m., but in their off hours they also work as models or personal trainers, which makes sense because there's no way I could have that body and work around delicious noodles all day. Whether or not the employees actually eat there, this is one restaurant that caters to people who like their food to be a different kind of spicy.