The coffee giant teamed up with
Advertisement and starbucks merchandise
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

Starbucks fans likely agree that the coffee is fun. How can a company with a color-changing Unicorn Frappuccino not be fun?? But have you ever wished that Starbucks was more “serious about fun?” If so, here’s the collaboration you’ve been waiting for: Starting today, Starbucks will be selling exclusive merchandise designed with the help of – the Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand inspired by “all things FUN” (emphasis’s).

For those unfamiliar with, the company describes itself as loving “bright colors, irreverent patterns, quirky sayings and kittens. OMG we love kittens so much.” It’s kind of like the Unicorn Frappuccino of lifestyle brands, so teaming up with Starbucks sounds like a match made in heaven.

“Togetherness is really important at,” company Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jen Gotch said in a statement. “And it’s something we felt totally aligned with Starbucks plus, we’re both super passionate about our products —down to the last detail.” Meanwhile, Starbucks VP Michele Waits provided a compliment back, stating, “We admire the brand for its vibrant and playful merchandise.”

So what does a x Starbucks collaboration look like? In all, the 10-piece collection includes Starbucks signature cold cups and double-walled travelers along with some of’s core products including notebooks, totes, luggage tags, passport holders, pencil pouches and drink coasters. The items all fit into three designs: a “Tropical Floral” pattern, “Beach Stripe” which “highlights a classic retro poolside aesthetic,” and “Good Times” which features the phrase “Good Times” printed in dark pink on a lighter pink background (a color sometimes described as “millennial pink”).

Sadly for diehards, these products are only being sold in Starbucks in Australia and Asia (specifically Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Taiwan, South Korea and China). “All of the designs were based on the idea that we were bringing a little slice of L.A. sunshine to the other side of the world,” Gotch said. But knowing that the products would probably elicit a strong reaction back in the USA, is also offering a giveaway where 50 winners will be selected at random to get this merch in the States. All you have to do is enter on the website. However, if you are “serious about fun,” what’s more fun than flying to Cambodia to score a Starbucks Cold Cup?