By Aly Walansky
Updated January 11, 2016
Credit: © JW LTD / Getty Images

These record-breaking kids are not going to be signing on to a low carb diet any time soon.

Hundreds of students will take to the kitchen at Mega Challah Bake, which will take place tomorrow afternoon at the New York Hilton Midtown. The children from around the city are going to join together in an effort to create the biggest baking lesson ever. 426 students in Hong Kong set the current record in 2013.

The event will include lessons and instruction on how to make a traditional challah, the braided Jewish bread that also serves as a delicious base of many sandwiches and French toast.

“We decided we wanted to make history with this, so we invited the Guinness World Records team to audit our event, too, as the World's Largest Baking Lesson (for any type of baked good),” says Bryce Gruber, one of the organizers. “The last I checked our registrations were near the 700 mark!”

Support has come from some places you might not expect for a challah bake-off. During an interview with hip hop legends Salt N Pepa, Gruber mentioned the project and “they instantly were like 'hand us that challah' and recorded a video in support.” “Ian Ziering and I were working on a different video and he was excited to support the collective cause as well.”

So far, the challah bake is receiving attention from all corners. Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Sabra Hummus, GoGo Squeez and NYC’s Prime Grill have all donated goods and money to the project. “It's really inspiring to think about how many people love to see little kids coming together just for the sake of unity and love.”