Brooklyn Hot Dog Company is disrupting the sausage space.
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Ingredients for Nom Was Scallion Pancake Hot Dog
Credit: The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company

Hot dogs are my raison d'être. You may feel that loving hot dogs is not a personality, but I feel that you are wrong. They're one of the most joyous, versatile, and flavorful things you can eat, naked or between bread, and I'm always looking for frankfurters I can cook at home that achieve a small fraction of the greatness found at my favorite hot dog joints.

Brooklyn Hot Dog Company, a relatively new operation out of my home borough, piqued my interest for a few reasons. For one, we raved about them in 2017. And while I appreciate the brand's commitment to grass-fed, nitrate-free, uncured beef, what interested me most were the flavors. Admittedly, I was scandalized at first. Gyro-flavored hot dogs? Pepperoni-flavored dogs? Buffalo chicken?! Why play God with the perfect food? Snappy, salty, straightforward hot dog flavor has stood the test of time for a reason.

But as a self-anointed hot dog scholar, I had concerns about not ever having tasted a "flavored" hot dog. So I tried them, to prove to myself I'm open-minded.

They were superb. Without deviating from hot dog form or mouthfeel, the gyro version evoked that beautiful charred meat flavor and warm spices of the New York street meat I've been craving for months. Topped with a quick yogurt sauce and some crunchy raw onions, the dog transcended the genre and transported me to my favorite halal street carts. Then there was the pepperoni. Simply put, it tasted like pepperoni! Without losing the snappy-soft wonder you want in a hot dog.

Founded by Brooklyn native Tony Fragogiannis in 2012, Brooklyn Hot Dog Company has since found its way into many of the city's top dog haunts (including Boys Don't Cry). In August, they launched a collaboration with Nom Wah, New York's iconic dim sum parlor, that sold out within minutes: a package of classic beef dogs came with Nom Wah scallion pancakes, chili oil, and spicy mustard. I will never forgive myself for missing the short window to snag.

But don't feel too sorry for me. I have a freezer full of the gyro dogs.