We can't get enough.

By Rebekah Lowin
Updated May 24, 2017
brushstroke feather cake
Credit: © Kalabasa / Instagram

One Russian bakery is turning heads and capturing hearts with its stunning “brushstroke cakes,” and once you get a glimpse of them, you’ll understand why.

Alongside its more classic dessert offerings, Moscow bakery Kalabasa’s Instagram showcases jaw-dropping cakes decorated with what look like 3-D brushstrokes. In reality, of course, there’s no paint involved; they’re made of chocolate and candy melts, presumably left to dry after being applied to wax paper with a pastry brush.

A touch of edible airbrushing, splatters of chocolate here and there, a bit of gold leaf, plus fresh fruit and flowers occasionally complete the over-the-top, art-inspired look — but we’re pretty sure none can compete with the unique, towering chocolate brushstrokes.

Whether or not the designs are intended to look like brushstrokes, though, is up for debate. The bakery uses the hashtag #kalabasa_feathers_cake” and, according to a quick online translation of their captions, it's indeed true that they seem to have dubbed the fantastical pastries "painted chocolate feathers” cakes. But they do bear a striking resemblance to brushed paint.

There are tons of different colors used, too, from simple, complementary white and dark chocolates to a variety of earthy greens to spring pastels.

And the fun doesn’t stop at cakes: The bakery also throws the design on cupcakes — sometimes even showing a cake alongside matching cupcake counterparts on its Instagram feed.

It’s too bad Kalabasa is so far away. We might just have to figure out a way to DIY these fun cake accessories for ourselves. In the meantime, if you’re feeling inspired after browsing the bakery’s feed, you can explore our 10 best cake decorating tips here.