By Clara Olshansky
Updated April 08, 2016
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Dutch food blogger Colette Dike makes the most gorgeous avocado creations you can imagine on her Instagram-famous fooddeco. From fabulously spring-y avocado pita pizzas to totally elaborate shaved avocado noodles to avocado and radish toasts so adorable they belong in a Wes Anderson film.

As Dike told Daily Mail, "Avocados are very healthy and very photogenic. With all the styling possibilities from shaved avocado, avocado rose and avocado dots they make the perfect styling component for home-cooked dinners." Sure enough, whether you're a vegetarian, a pescatarian (hello smoked salmon avocado flatbread), or a hardcore meat eater (check out the chicken, tuna sauce, and shaved avocado open-faced sandwich), you'll definitely find a fooddeco recipe to fall in love with.

Some of Dike's recipes are straight-up sculpture. Using black quinoa as soil, she creates a gorgeous avocado flower pot. With artfully placed popsicle sticks and sesame seeds, she makes an avocado appetizer sure to blow away anyone you might serve it to. With lime zest, pistachio pieces, and chili flakes, Dike brings us avocado "truffles" that just might be the fanciest way you'll ever eat avocado.

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