Credit: © StarCookies / Etsy / Daily Dot

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Geeks looking to show off their fandom passions with some deliciously themed cookies might struggle to craft just the right recognizable shape. Looking for geeky cookie cutters might not lead to any finds in your grocery store’s baking aisle, but one look at Etsy shop StarCookies and all your fandom cookie dreams will be one step closer to reality.

StarCookies sells handmade, custom cookie cutters. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, inspired by a variety of geeky themes. Whether you are a comic book fan, avid gamer, movie buff, obsessed with anime, or have another interest, there’s something in this shop for everyone. Can you just imagine how adorably delicious Curious George or Pikachu-shaped cookies would be?

Prices for each cookie cutter range from $4.99 for basic symbols to $15.99 for full words and logos. Each one is made out of biodegradable plastic. Check out some of our favorite cookie cutters below and see all the cutters currently being sold on Etsy.