Credit: © Stephen McCarty

If seeking enlightenment by meticulously pouring colored sand doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, no worries—you can still achieve balance through cake Inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist mandalas—representations of creation and destruction—Stephen McCarty's mandala cake series, "Sukhavati Raw Desserts" are intricate works of beauty that will disappear as you eat them. We could ask whether or not posting them to Instagram sort of undermines that idea, but why bother when we could just appreciate these beautiful cakes?

True to the Buddhist tradition of appreciating nature, all of McCarty's cakes are vegan, and he achieved the stunning colors using only natural, plant-based ingredients, so they'll satisfy both the hippies and the Whole Foods shoppers in your life.

There's a huge range of flavors, from mainstream appeal flavors like this chocolate banana peanut butter cheesecake and this lemon berry cheesecake, to more eccentric flavors like this durian beet cacao tart. Never has communing with nature looked so delicious.