Credit: Courtesy of Cook Smarts

Food waste is becoming a serious growing concern. According to the Food and Drug Administration, each person in America wastes 36 pounds of food per month. To combat the problem, they’ve suggested people start using their new FoodKeeper app. But let’s be honest: How often are you hitting the fridge with your phone in hand? You gotta keep both hands free—one for food and one for a beverage.

So here’s an old-fashioned method for remembering what foods are running out of shelf life: Use some ubiquitous refrigerator magnets and some easily printable graphics.

The meal-planning service Cook Smarts has put a few different downloadable shelf life and care guides for produce and frozen food storage on their website. Beyond simply slapping the printouts on your fridge with magnets, the always-thinking people over at Lifehacker suggest laminating them so you can even keep track of the expiration dates with a dry-erase marker.

Unlike an app, keeping charts like these at eye level are a constant reminder of what foods you should think about eating during your latest refrigerator raid. For example, don’t forget to eat that cilantro before it goes bad. Or hey, don’t worry, those turnips will be good for another week or so. What the charts won’t do, however, is explain why you bought so much cilantro and turnips to begin with.