By Clara Olshansky
Updated February 26, 2016

Did you know that parfait is the French word for purrfect? A loose translation, yes, but at the the Kotoba no Haoto café in Kyoto, Japan, these unbelievably adorable cat desserts make event hte best of us smile. The ice cream and fruit creations come in all kinds of forms—several cats in a bowl, a couple kittens in a cup, one cat in a glass, and so on, in strawberry and kiwi with all kinds of garnishes. In fact, the cat parfaits are different every day. But here's the tragedy: Kotoba no Haoto only makes 15 of these cat parfaits every day, so they sell out almost as soon as they go on sale.

Kotoba no Haoto, which means The Buzz of Words, is pretty much a dream café. It's in a machiya, a traditional Japanese wooden townhouse, filled with books tfor your reading pleasure while you eat. Best known for these cat parfaits, Kotoba no Haoto lets you know exactly what you're getting into with a cat printed right on the curtain into the store.

The cats are all made from a scoop of ice cream adorned with chocolate ears, muzzle, and paws, and whiskers, with black sesame eyes. From there, they're pretty variable. They can be surrounded by mint, caramel, cookies, and so much more. Over the holidays, the kitty even had a strawberry Santa Hat and a reindeer friend. Accordingly, the prices vary, but they're in the range of 1,200 Yen ($10.50).