Watch miniature food specialists Walking with Giants fry up some Cheerio-sized 

By Clara Olshansky
Updated May 13, 2019
Mini Onion Rings
Credit: Getty Images

At this point, we know how much we love mini foods. Sure, you've got adorable little baked goods and mini drinks, but we've also seen foods so tiny that you can barely eat them taking over Instagram. This week, we have the latest in miniature foods: mini onion rings cooked in a mini kitchen. The video, titled MINI ONION RINGS!, is brought to us by tiny food superstar Walking with Giants (whom you may remember from some of their other tiny creations).

Here's the thing: when you make a bunch of little, tan-colored rings, and especially when milk is an ingredient, onion rings might not be the food that immediately comes to mind. These things look a lot like Cheerios or some other kind of oddly crunchy breakfast cereal. Granted, we can't imagine that putting a bunch of mini onion rings in a bowl with milk would make for a breakfast that was either tasty or at all effective at giving you the energy you need for the day.

As far as why one might need a tiny plate full of tiny onion rings, we can think of lots of reasons. What if a hamster is ordering a burger and doesn't like French fries on the side? What if an onion ring and an onion ring love each other very much and want a child? What if you want to convince someone that the plate of onion rings they're looking at is very far away? (Hey, we didn't say they were valid reasons.)

So how does one make a tiny onion ring? Well, the hardest step is definitely finding yourself a tiny kitchen, but, once that's done, it's pretty much just your standard onion ring preparation, with one key exception: everything you use is itty bitty. From the stove itself to the kitchenware to the can of soda to wash it down, absolutely everything in this video (as well as everything in Walking with Giants' other videos) is delightfully tiny.