Credit: © Diane Diederich / Getty Images

These salt drawings are so many kinds of incredible. They're massive--larger than the biggest carpet you can fit in your home. They're expertly created--you could easily mistake any of the portraits for a photograph. They're made out of nothing but expertly laid table salt. The designs range from collections of Game of Thrones characters to impeccably designed mandalas. And, possibly the coolest part, many of his drawings don't fully come to life until he inverts the colors, revealing a drawing more masterful than you could have imagined just looking at the negative.

The artist behind these impressive feats, Dino Tomic, is a Croatian tattoo artist working out of Norway and is known for his incredibly realistic colored pencil drawings. Though he's been creating his optical inverted drawings for a while now, it wasn't until a couple months ago that he began a series of salt drawings. An active Instagram user, Tomic has posted photos and videos of many stages of the process. You can watch him make the portraits with what appears to be a repurposed ketchup bottle, carefully sprinkling just the right line of salt.

Given that the mandala is such a common motif in Tomic's work, it's no surprise that these drawings aren't exactly immortal. As you can see from the videos, Tomic has no qualms about immediately erasing these works that took so much care, effort, and planning to create. On the contrary, it's part of his process. Still, it's a little heartbreaking to watch these incredible drawings disappear into nothing.

Inverted Eye