A pizza ordering website has some intriguing insights on what we eat while we binge-watch.

By Rebekah Lowin
June 14, 2017

Ever had an argument with a friend about which Netflix original show is really the best, funniest, or most entertaining? Or tried to convince a die-hard Master of None fan to watch Orange is the New Black with you—to no avail?

We've all been there. The problem with these sorts of arguments, of course, is that you can claim that, say, House of Cards is "the best show ever" all you want...but without numbers and data to back up your statements, your friends are likely to eschew your glowing review in favor of their regular binge-watching schedule. You see, Netflix doesn't reveal viewership stats for their original shows, which means we can't be sure which shows really are the most popular...and we're left to battle it out on our own.

Until now. There just might be a solution to all that what-should-we-watch bickering thanks to pizza startup Slice (which is an online food-ordering system much like Seamless, but exclusively for local pizzerias). The brand recently figured out that they might be able to gauge the popularity of certain Netflix shows based on the patterns they observed with the pizza-hungry users of their app.

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After all, binge-watching tends to go hand-in-hand with binge-eating. And pizza's usually involved.

Slice conducted their study with a relatively large sample of 7,000 online and mobile pizza orders, and focused on determining whether there was an uptick in pizza consumption during the respective premiere weekends of certain Netflix original shows. Their conclusions revealed that there was indeed a serious increase in order volume during those weekends as compared to the daily average volume for the weekdays leading up to the premiere. And for a couple of Netflix hits, weekend comparisons were also off the charts (more on that later).

Black Mirror fans, your friends may no longer have a reason to disregard your enthusiastic urging anymore, because fans of the show appeared to place 61% more orders on a daily average during its premiere weekend than they did on the weekdays leading up to it. Meanwhile, House of Cards fans seem to be almost as hungry as their 'za-loving counterparts, totaling in at a whopping 54% more orders on a daily average during their favorite show's premiere weekend.

Next up came Daredevil (+53%), closely followed by Master of None (+52%), with Dear White People (+49%) and Orange is the New Black (+31%) taking the last two spots. 

Of course, the study relies on a rather dubious correlative assumption that the pizza-ordering app-users are also watching the shows. It also doesn't take into account any outlying factors, such as holidays or inclement weather (what, you don't crave pizza when it's rainy out?), that might also lead to excessive pizza consumption.  And to be fair, we're looking at a comparison between weekdays (when there's always less pizza being ordered) and weekends (when there's always more pizza being ordered). So what happens when you compare premiere weekends to the preceding weekend?

House of Cards and Black Mirror still saw a significant bump in pizzas ordered, 17% and 13% respectively. The rest of the shows? They all saw a dip from the previous week. So that either means a lot less people are watching those series, or fans are just ordering something other than pizza. Then again, it could mean pizza has no correlation with Netflix at all.

The fourth possible answer is that everyone is just making pizza from scratch.