By Clara Olshansky
Updated May 19, 2016
© iStockphoto

If you've ever told yourself, "Don't Instagram that brunch. Everyone Instagrams brunch," then you can go a little easier on yourself, because at least it's not pizza. Sous Vide Tools brings us this surprising infographic of the most hashtagged foods on Instagram. Did you know there are over three times as many #pizza posts as #bacon, or over twice as many #sushi posts as #eggs? So go ahead and post that gorgeous Sunday morning bacon frittata because, as far as overly Instagrammed foods are concerned, could be way worse.

Other surprises? Well, it may offend the American sensibility to learn that, while #chips made the list at the 15th most hashtagged food on Instagram, #FrenchFries was nowhere to be seen. And who would have thought that #chicken would have twice as many posts as #egg? (Guess the chicken really did come first.) Despite the near-universal internet love for avocado, it ranked all the way down at 11th place, just above plain old #soup.

While you might be a little offended that salad is the 4th most popular food on Instagram, above #burgers and #bacon, just remember how beautifully Instaworthy salads can sometimes be. Similarly, it's no surprise that sushi clocks in at 2nd place, when you think about how gorgeously plated it can be. And let's not forget our other international foods: tacos, ramen, and curry all made the list, ranked above #lobster and #sausage.

So go ahead, browse the full ranking, and decide for yourself which food really deserves to be the #1 most hashtagged food on all of Instagram.