By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 27, 2016
Credit: © Minerva Studio/Getty Images

Society is weird. No one “likes” Justin Bieber, but the kid (what is he, like, 30 now?) keeps selling music. No one “likes” The Big Bang Theory, but it’s one of the most watched shows on television. The same holds true for places like McDonald’s. No one wants to admit they like McDonald’s, but obviously someone is eating there. Comedian Jim Gaffigan did nearly ten minutes of standup based around this exact premise.

Well, a new report is proving what we already knew: Even though people keep eating at fast food restaurants, some of the largest joints are also the most disliked restaurants in America. According to a survey of 10,000 Americans from Temkin Experience Ratings, the two most commonly disliked chains were the heavy hitters of the fast food world McDonald’s and Burger King. Baskin-Robbins, KFC and Domino’s were reportedly the other three chains that failed to reach a “good” rating when it comes to likability.

Business Insider decided to reach out to McDonald’s to find out what it feels like when so many people don’t like you – a form of bullying if you ask me. The company admitted it’s still trying to improve: “We are committed to building a better McDonald's,” said brand spokesman Terri Hickey. “We are on our journey to deliver on what matters most to our customers — and we know that is working as it has produced positive results. We look forward to continuing our positive momentum.”

Burger King, meanwhile, did not return BI’s request for a comment – because, hey, when you’re the king, you don’t have to take shit from anyone.

But as First We Feast points out, both these companies are crying all the way to the bank. Last month, McDonald’s announced its third straight quarter of sales increases. Meanwhile, Burger King has been raking in the dough on hot dog sales. Turns out being disliked might not be that bad after all. Justin Bieber had it figured out all along.