Chocolate Mug Cake
Credit: © Claire Thomas, The Kitchy Kitchen

Trying to wrap your head around just how much information Google has been able to acquire over the years would probably blow your mind. If the tech giant wanted to, it could probably crush each and every one of us, putting a stranglehold on society as we know it. Thankfully, instead, the good people at Google have decided to let us know that some of the hottest foods right now are turmeric and mug cakes.

For its Food Trends 2016 report, the search giant “pulled top volume queries related to the food category and looked at their monthly volume from January 2014 to February 2016,” analyzed the data while accounting for seasonality, then “curated the most significant trends to illustrate interesting shifts in behavior.” From there, Google broke certain foods down into different types of “risers” and “decliners,” before further discussing the top searches in each category with “deep dives.”

Included in the deep dives were five key foods. Turmeric was named the “top trending functional food.” Meanwhile, pho was touted as the “top trending global food.” Pork shoulder was tops when it came to “top trending pork foods” – a very important category, indeed. Mug cake reigned supreme as a “top trending bite-sized snack food.” And rigatoni got called out as the “top trending pasta food.”

But those five callouts only scratch the surface of the 75-page report which also includes extensive lists of risers, decliners and top volume food searches.

That last section is especially fun, including things like a list of the top food-related “how to” queries. Apparently, everyone wants to know “how to cut a mango.” It could prove to be a strong conversation starter at parties. Just don’t tell them you heard about it from Google. They might think you’re part of the global conspiracy!