Are you more likely to hit up Seamless, Grubhub or push a button to get a pizza than to fire up a home-cooked meal? You'd probably fit in well in South Korea. According to a recent report, South Koreans spent the least amount of time cooking.

Market research firm GfK polled more than 27,000 people in 22 countries around the world about their cooking habits. What they found is that the average South Korean spent just 3.7 hours per week cooking, compared to the global average of almost 6.5 hours.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, people in India spent a whopping 13.2 hours per week in the kitchen. That’s nearly two hours a day. Interestingly, Ukraine wasn’t far from the top, spending 13.1 hours per week cooking. From there, things dropped off significantly, with South Africa ranking No. 3 at 9.5 hours.

How’d the US rank? Well, of the 22 nations, America finished toward the middle, tied for 12th with Belgium and the United Kingdom. On average, we spend about 5.9 hours a week cooking, though it’d be interesting to see what that number would drop to if they removed our moms from the group. (Kidding, Mom!)

You can see the entire list below. It makes for a great distraction while you’re waiting for your delivery.

  • India: 13.2 hours
  • Ukraine: 13.1 hours
  • South Africa: 9.5 hours
  • Indonesia: 8.3 hours
  • Italy: 7.1 hours
  • Spain: 6.8 hours
  • Russia: 6.5 hours
  • Canada: 6.4 hours
  • Australia: 6.1 hours
  • Poland: 6.1 hours
  • Argentina: 6 hours
  • Belgium: 5.9 hours
  • UK: 5.9 hours
  • USA: 5.9 hours
  • China: 5.8 hours
  • Mexico: 5.8 hours
  • Sweden: 5.8 hours
  • France: 5.5 hours
  • Germany: 5.4 hours
  • Brazil: 5.2 hours
  • Turkey: 4.9 hours
  • South Korea: 3.7 hours