Credit: © Oote Boe 2 / Alamy

“Go suck on a goldfish” might sound like a weird insult from the ‘20s, but it might actually be an opportunity to enjoy some amazing food art.

Shinri Tezuka owns a Tokyo shop called Ameshin that carries on the tradition of amezaiku. According to the blog Spoon & Tamago, “Amezaiku is the Japanese craft of lollipop-making, which dates back to the 700s, when artisans made mouth-watering and artistic lollipops to be presented as gifts.” Tezuka’s creations are beautifully hyper-realistic takes on goldfish, frogs, tadpoles and other aquatic creatures.

The lollies aren’t cheap, selling for up to 2,000 yen (more than $16). But not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are completely edible—handmade with sugar syrup, starch and organic coloring. Sucking on a goldfish has actually never sounded so delicious.

If you happen to be in Tokyo, Tezuka even offers workshops where you can learn to make your own amezaiku (though don’t expect to master the sweets in your first class).

There are not that many practitioners of amezaiku left out there—one of the few Americans who does it calls it a dying art. So if you know any hipsters from Bushwick or Portland looking for a new store to open, you should tell them to get on this. Until then, just appreciate the masterful works of candy art.