It's the trend that just won't go away 

By Elisabeth Sherman
May 03, 2017
Michael Bezjian / Contributor/ Getty Images 

In the twilight of the Unicorn Frappuccino craze, many people attempted to force new mythical creatures onto coffee drinks. 

There was the Dragon Frappuccino, which turned out to be a Green Tea Frappuccino, shot through with bright purple “berry swirl.” Next up, the Pink Pegasus. Made from white mocha and raspberry frap ingredients, it supposedly tastes like strawberry shortcake. That one was exclusive to the Downtown Disney Store in Anaheim, California, though it was spotted elsewhere. Inevitably, a barista, desperate to keep the trend alive, created a Mermaid Frappuccino, but, perhaps due to a lack of neon ingredients, it looks exactly the same as the dragon version, but includes toasted coconut and matcha powder. All these were – incredibly -- invented within a week of each other. 

You may be thinking that by now, surely, the trend is exhausted. There couldn’t possibly be any more clever combos of brightly colored syrups available to blend together. Not so! You can now add Narwhal Frappuccino to the list of trendy drinks Starbucks offers on it’s not-so-secret-anymore menu. 

Here’s the thing: While narwhals certainly do have a long horn attached to their foreheads, which does have some associations with Unicorns, they are very real. Also, they are not pink. 

When USA Today went in to their local Starbucks to order this trio, the Narwhal version turned out to be strawberry lemonade combined with vanilla bean powder with whipped cream on top. Nothing about this screams Narwhal, although to be fair, the point of this whole trend is probably not to create a realistic rendering of fictional animals. 

Even so, at this point baristas are probably making these recipes up and slapping names on them that will keep feeding the millennial beast that wants more, more, more fantasy content. Maybe we don’t really care about these mythical creatures, after all. Maybe all we really want are pretty colors that look good on Instagram.

That's definitely what it is.