How great is this?!

moet vending machine champagne
Credit: © Randy Shropshire / Getty Images

If there's one thing we really, really don't need, it's a Champagne vending machine. (Also, spaghetti donuts and salad-making robots, but I digress.)

That doesn't mean we'll be any less happy to see one. And use it.

Arnaud's French 75 Bar will be the lucky recipient of a new Moët and Chandon vending machine, filled with adorable, miniature bottles of Imperial Brut Champagne. Each bottle is $20, and the whole machine is chilled, of course.

If you're imagining customers doling out quarter after quarter until their pockets are empty, though, fear not: Gold coins will be available for purchase at the bar.

"We have a BIG announcement for all of you champagne lovers!" the bar posted on their Instagram account recently alongside a photo of the glorious new machine. "Arnaud’s patrons will be the first to experience a one-of-a-kind champagne vending machine, as part of a partnership with @moetusa...The machine carefully dispenses each bottle without shaking them. Each mini bottle comes with a branded-spout for guests to drink immediately and directly from the bottle."

Why the bar would need to install the machine is not entirely clear. After all, Arnaud's is already known for its Champagne-based cocktails. (For the uninitiated, a French 75 cocktail is traditionally made from Champagne, plus cognac or gin, lemon juice, and sugar.) But while cocktails are always nice—especially Champagne-filled ones—the truth is, everyone just loves tiny bottles.

This is also not the first time Moët has introduced the wonderful-if-gimmicky machine. A few years ago, they installed one at Selfridges in London, and in February, one found a home at Sky Bar in Las Vegas.

This particular machine will be dispensing the little bottles from April 13 to 16. Get yourself to NOLA!