And broccoli, too.

new emojis
Credit: © Miguel Medina / Getty Images

You might want to sit down for this. There are new emoji on the way, scheduled for a June 2017 launch. And they include renderings of some of the most important, consequential things on this planet: dumplings and pie.


Unicode, the group supposedly responsible for choosing the new emoji, sent over the 69 new proposed emoji to Emojipedia. (We have to ask: How does one go about getting a job at Unicode? Because dreaming up new emoji all day sounds like the life.) Out of the 69 new emoji, a grand total of 14 will be food-related. Many apologies to those who don't like eating insects, as the cricket character was included in our tally.

Beyond the cricket, there’s also a “cut of meat” emoji, a generic-looking sandwich, a fortune cookie, and — thank goodness — a pretty adorable-looking dumpling. A New York style pretzel made the cut, too, and a delicious-looking pie that we presume will come in handy on Instagram posts around Thanksgiving time. Our Seamless orders will likely be livened up by the addition of chopsticks and a takeout container.

And moms everywhere will relish the addition of a plain-and-simple broccoli emoji. You might not be able to make your kids eat it, but at least you can bombard them with it in virtual form.

As Emojipedia states, the sample images merely represent “how new emojis may look when they come to fruition.” They’re essentially blueprint stand-ins for the real emojis, and they “may or may not resemble final versions from each platform vendor.”