By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 21, 2014

In a piece of news that can only be described as shocking, it’s been discovered that not everyone loves the smell of bacon.

A bridal shop in Brisbane, Australia, put the kibosh on bacon cooking at a neighboring café, complaining the smell was mingling with its fine merchandise—dresses that sell for up to $10,000.

According to The Courier Mail, Gramercy Coffee had been serving bacon on breakfast bagels and toast for nearly two years, unaware that the delicious smell of bacon was making its way through the air conditioning ducts to Winnie Bridal upstairs. Finally fed up with the situation, Winnie’s owner registered a complaint with the building owner. Turns out Gramercy’s lease doesn’t allow for the cooking of bacon (the café doesn’t have an extraction fan), and that was the end of the all the olfactory awesomeness.

For his part, Gramercy’s owner Mitchell Suchowacki was upset things had to be escalated to building management before he was even approached about a solution. “The biggest thing was the shock of not knowing anything about it and then having this massive drama arise overnight,” he told the Mail.

Left without the ability to fry up bacon, the café has been forced to switch to jamon…which is…whatever, I guess it’s fine. But it’s no bacon.