The hot shopping zone of Ginza is also home to hyper-regional restaurants from three of Tokyo's most exciting talents.

Eat in Tokyo

Ginza Ibuki

At Ginza Ibuki, chef Sadahisa Yoshizawa focuses on seafood from Japan's Kochi prefecture, like blackthroat fish that he butterflies, dries overnight and then grills.

Setouchi Ryori Suminoe

Fourth-generation chef Yasufumi Otani flies in seafood from the Seto-naikai area for his kaiseki menu at Setouchi Ryori Suminoe.

Yamagata San-Dan-Delo

Foodies make pilgrimages to Masayuki Okuda's Italian-influenced restaurant in the northern prefecture of Yamagata; now he shows off the area's ingredients, like Yonezawa wagyu, at Yamagata San-Dan-Delo.