The restaurant scene exploded last year when Shanghai hosted the World Expo. The hottest spots: the Surpass Court and Sinan Mansions complexes in the French Concession.

Eat & Drink in Shanghai


A Peruvian chef creates multicourse menus featuring ceviche and chicharrones (pork rinds). An award-winning Mexican mixologist works the bar. Must try: Chicha sour.

Fulton Place

In a quirky Shanghai loft space with toile wallpaper, American chef Marc Johnson presents menus that reflect his training at NYC's Blue Hill. Must try: Veal with Swiss chard and lardo.

Uo Kura

This latest branch of a high-end restaurant attracts sushi chefs on their nights off. Must try: Gold horse mackerel sushi.

Bite-size Egg'wich at Alchemist Cocktail Kitchen in Shanghai.

© Xiaozhe

Alchemist Cocktail Kitchen

The molecular Shanghai gastropub from chef Kelley Lee serves bar snacks like popcorn pig brain and experimental cocktails made with ingredients like aloe vera milk. Must try: Egg yolk on pesto-topped toast.

12 Chairs

Star Chef David Laris of Shanghai's 12 Chairs shares, "I run 12 Chairs like a mini fine-dining restaurant. Each night there is one degustation menu. It's not a short dinner, it's an evening. I even let people help me prep."

Galleries in Shanghai

Shanghai's Art Labor.

Courtesy of Art Labor

Art Labor

Serious art collectors buy contemporary Chinese pieces at the newest branch of Art Labor. On offer: artist You Si's ink-on-rice-paper paintings, which he creates using an eyedropper.