Butterflying steak, chicken, leg of lamb and turkey breast can cut grilling time in half. F&W’s Melissa Rubel shows how.

By Melissa Rubel Jacobson
Updated March 31, 2015

Chipotle-Marinated Flatiron Steak with Avocado-Corn Relish
Uniform in thickness and rectangular in shape (just like an old-fashioned iron), flatiron steak is easy to butterfly for quick cooking on the grill.

Grilled Red Curry Chicken
Roasting a whole chicken takes about an hour, but cut out the backbone and flatten the bird and it will grill perfectly in 30 minutes.

Mango-Glazed Turkey Breast
Butterflying the turkey breast reduces cooking time.

Cumin-Rubbed Leg of Lamb with Black Olive–Yogurt Sauce
A boneless, butterflied leg of lamb can go from grill to table in under 30 minutes. Leftovers are perfect in sandwiches.

Soy Sauce Pork Loin with Cucumber Salad
Pork loin is very lean and tends to dry out unless properly cooked; follow the directions for sublimely tender and succulent meat.

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