As any cook with a pulse knows, the farmers' market is full of tomatoes, corn and blueberries right now. F&W's Grace Parisi takes advantage of those vividly hued foods: She dries tomatoes in the oven, turns corn into relish, makes blueberry syrup and creates other recipes that become the basis for the very best dishes of the summer (and the fall and winter, too).
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Oven-Dried Tomatoes

Oven-dried tomatoes are sweeter than the sun-dried kind and even more versatile.

Summer Essential Oven-Dried Tomatoes

More Riffs

  • Layer the oven-dried tomatoes with sliced feta, mint leaves, olive oil and crushed red pepper
  • Arrange on toasts, top with cheese and broil
  • Toss with pasta, crushed red pepper and purple basil leaves


Corn Relish with Roasted Peppers

Holding on to the sweetness of corn isn't easy. That's why this fresh corn relish is such an impressive condiment.

More Riffs

  • Spoon the corn relish into steak tacos
  • Toss with grilled shrimp
  • Add to pancake batter
  • Mix into bean salads
  • Serve with tortilla chips


Perfect Blueberry Syrup
Credit: © Petrina Tinslay

Turning berries into syrup is much simpler than making jam: Just simmer fruit with water and sugar.

Summer Essential Perfect Blueberry Syrup

More Riffs

  • Drizzle the blueberry syrup over rice pudding
  • Swirl into yogurt
  • Blend into a smoothie
  • Add to sparkling water or wine
  • Brush on grilled duck breast

Fantastic Ideas for Preserving Summer Produce:

Plum Jam
Credit: © Frances Janisch
Pickled Farm-Stand Tomatoes with Jalapeños
Credit: © Lucy Schaeffer