The founder of iconic New York City restaurant Le Cirque joins Food & Wine’s food-obsessed community.

Sirio Maccioni’s Most Unforgettable Meal

“The most memorable food experience I’ve ever had on vacation was in Barcelona, at a restaurant called Le Goût d’Avignon. In the summer of 1982, I visited the city to watch the World Cup semifinal between Italy and Poland. King Juan Carlos, whom I knew very well as we were both born in Italy, recommended the restaurant. It was there that I first tried the dessert crema catalana. I told our pastry chef about it, and it inspired Le Cirque’s famous crème brûlée.”

Dish Inspiration

“Our pasta primavera was born when I promised fresh pasta with tomatoes and basil to critic Craig Claiborne, but we had no tomatoes.”

Sirio Maccioni’s Picks

Dream Trip

“It didn’t get any more glamorous than Havana, Cuba, in the 1950s. I used to go there when I was a waiter on a cruise ship.”


Health Tip

“The blueberry-soy weight-loss smoothies my son makes for me taste terrible, but my doctor says they’re good for me.”


Cheap Eats

“I love the ribs from Daisy May’s BBQ on 11th Avenue in NYC. Adam Perry Lang, the owner, worked at Le Cirque.”


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