The newest member of Food & Wine's food-obsessed fraternity: an olive oil-loving art curator who belongs to Napa's most famous wine family.
Hermitage Museum

© Rob Howard

"On a trip to visit the Hermitage Museum (left) in St. Petersburg, I ate bear ravioli. It sounded good but was foul. Our hotel bellman said they give the bad part of the bear to tourists!"

Sabrina Buell's Mondavi Family Recipe

"My great-grandmother, Rosa Mondavi [of the Napa winery], has a great baccalà [salt cod] recipe. It's a multiday endeavor just to get the salt out of the cod, and it requires all sorts of tricks to get it to taste good. I still have not come close to mastering it."

Sabrina Buell's Food Rules

"I really don't like using nonstick pans or the microwave when I'm in my kitchen. I'm not fond of tacos with lengua or cabeza [tongue or head], and I don't like to eat anything with tripe as an ingredient. I'm also scared of accidentally burning my olive oil, since it ruins the delicate flavors."

Sabrina Buell's Food Picks

Olive Oil

Courtesy of McEvoy Ranch


"I love McEvoy olive oil and use it on everything. My boyfriend can't believe that I go through two bottles a week. Now I hide the bottles at the bottom of our cart at the grocery store. But it's worth it!"

Grill Spot

© Lisa Linder

Grill Spot

On a surfing trip in Spain, Buell adored Victor Arguinzoniz's grilling mecca Asador Etxebarri.


Courtesy of Lagunitas


"Lagunitas, Dogfish Head and Hitachino Nest beers are always in my fridge."


Courtesy of Boccalone


Buell hits San Francisco's Ferry Building for salumi from Boccalone.

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